Title tags are the most heavily weighed aspect of a page's search engine optimization.

Ever hear of Sears? JC Penny? Blockbuster? Victoria Secret? In the world of SEO, those store names are the same as title tags because they tell the customer exactly what the store or website is about. A title tag is the name of your online space, and what it provides. Let's press on.

In the older days of SEO, most SEO providers would  crudely stuff keywords and the name of the website owner's organization into the title tag, and separate each phrase with various spacers. For example:

Atlanta Dog Kennel | Dog Kennels in Atlanta | Scrappy's Dog Kennel in Atlanta

The problem is the very nature of these title tags, which is supposed to describe the content of a website, was seeming more and more spammy. Because of this, Google slowly began giving more SEO juice to sites that included more of a narrative about their website. So for example, that title tag above would benefit much more by looking more like this:

Need an Atlanta Dog Kennel? Scrappy's is one of the best Dog Kennels in Atlanta

You'll notice I bolded the keywords they wished to display.

So, while Google has once again forced you, me and everyone to toe the line of their ever draconian formula for maximum 'relevance', this idea of making a title tag more of a narrative is certainly a lot more fun and challenging. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce your website to new organic site traffic by saying, "hey, come in here. The pool is warm and the burgers are cold." I like cold burgers.

Just remember that anything on or in your site that seems spammy will cause you to lose points in the game of SEO. My advice is provide as much value as possible to visitors during every phase of their stay.


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