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Mark is a fellow marketer of mine that also works in Haddonfield, except his firm specializes in sports marketing for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Knicks and (New Jersey) Jets to name a few. He's a great guy and he stopped by our office a few weeks ago to ask me advice about a big problem.

Apparently, his company website had fallen dramatically in search engine rankings. The reason for this was his site was being penalized by Google for the continued perpetuation of unsolicited spam. Only, Mark admitted to me that he has never sent an unsolicited email, external link or hired anyone who has. I immediately contacted my friend who does print-ups for Google and she discovered the cause for the penalization which I am not going to name here for reasons I will say later. The bottom line is one of Mark's competitors played a game of "dirty pool" and got Mark's site temporarily banned.

SEO is a race. The only difference is keywords replace muscle, external links are training sessions, and fresh content is stamina. Every website online is in a race to get to the finish line (our respective market) faster than our competitors. However, some so-called "SEO experts" like to cheat. They abuse the skill and knowledge they have acquired by placing large sandbags on their competitors' back. I am not going to submit ways marketers can get a competitor's website banned only because I do not wish to perpetuate these practices to some unscrupulous punk who may be listening in.

If SEO is a race, than the same rules apply. You cannot touch or inhibit your competitor in any way. You must stay in your own lane and perfect your own craft. The jerk that got Mark's site banned misrepresented himself as Mark's site, and so this is wrong. There is a special place in hell for cheaters, especially ones who act out of malice. Luckily Mark caught the problem in time, but all too often I'm quite sure this issue goes unreported, and unfortunately unresolved.

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