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Do you know how much Mercedes-Benz spends on ensuring each and every sound their vehicle makes is consistent with exactly what people prefer to hear? Millions.

Every button click, door slam, air conditioner control and windshield wiper is specifically tailored to elicit the exact nuance Mercedes-Benz wishes people to hear, and feel. To accomplish this, they hire researchers, musicians focus groups and marketers to ensure no sound their vehicle makes reaches their customers' ears without considerable "homework."

How does your store/office/building sound?

When customers enter, what do they expect to hear? If you own an antique shop, does the door make a subtle "click" to remind people they are entering a silent homage to physical artifacts of the past being reverently exhibited? Or does it beep to display the ugly "beep" of an alarm that makes them feel like they entered a daycare or a security clearance at an airport?

If you are a lawyer, is your board room soundproof, or can people in the waiting room expect their case will be fully disclosed by anyone with ears and curiosity? And finally, does your club allow people an outlet from the loud music and creepy pickup lines? Or do people leave early because they can't squeeze in a 2 minute phone call to ensure Jesse and Jenny will be joining them?

I did consulting for a club in Somers Point, New Jersey that had a problem with repeat business. When I went to the club during normal operating hours, I noticed people were stacked in the bathrooms trying find some relief from the pounding bass and stabbing tremble coming from the club's 6" speakers.

I immediately recommended they open their deck (was previously closed because the owner never obtained the requisite permit), and the result was dramatic. This greatly decreased the amount of auditory fatigue they club-goers were previously forced to experience, and increased the amount of privacy bathroom-goers were incidentally afforded. More importantly, repeat business increased by over 40% (metric recorded two months after aforementioned alteration).

The bottom line is the audible aspect of your marketing does not end with your ad, salesperson, customer service rep or answering machine. Every sound your business makes is a the same exact sound your brand makes. If you need some help strategizing a "sound" marketing plan, give me a call and let's chat. 1-888-308-5506

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