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Well, my prediction finally came to fruition: Facebook has unveiled a search engine that will go face-to-face with Google. However, Graph Search will fail. Also, I don't know why Mark didn't name it what I suggested:

Graph Search will Fail

The way I predicted this search engine would work was dead-on accurate. I said Facebook's search engine would "pool their current information about 700 million people to create a search engine based on suggestions from groups you could filter." Soon you will be able to view the most popular restaurant in Philadelphia between your friends. Or you can filter results on where to go on vacation based on the people you went to college with. Etc., etc. The funny thing is, you can read my post and it has nearly every feature we can expect; however, not all of them. The problem is they are not setting up the algorithm the way I thought they would, and that is part of the reason why Graph Search will fail.

Why will Graph Search fail? Let's get started:

  1. Google's community is open while Facebook's is inclusive. However, Graph Search's results will be limiting in that the endless narrow results based on others' preferences will quickly frustrate the user. When user frustration kicks in, Google will be turned to once again. One thing contemporary computer audiences doesn't have is patience. Google's search engine is perfected, Graph Search is not.
  2. Building a search engine that will have businesses running to join in the interest of not losing online visibility is a dirty game. The opportunity to spam these searches is endless. For example I just wrote a post about an organization that has created several fake Facebook pages all to encouraging others to "like" their friend's page. Check it out. The bottom line is companies have already begun to manipulate these searches which will only act to erode user experience.
  3. When Google built a Facebook (Google+) that failed, we all should have realized that Facebook could never make a search engine that would succeed. Why? Simply put, they are in a different business. Google is in the information business while Facebook is in the relationship business. At the end of the day, Facebook's information is unreliable, while Google is not good at fostering relationships. Alas, Google+ and Graph Search.

If they are smart, they will pay me $250,00 to fly to Palo Alto to guide their efforts before the product tanks completely. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to sell some shares of Facebook...


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