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I wore a really comfortable shirt to work today. I bought it in Italy, and the cotton feels like a dozen gypsies giving me a massage. Luckily my girlfriend hung this shirt up in front of all my other shirts or else I might have blindly chose something else in my morning stupor. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Good search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are essential for all online organizations to ensure that you appear first in your customers' search engine results.

So, how do you ensure that your customer will pick your shirt to wear? Let's go over some basics:

  1. Update your content daily. A good way to accomplish this is by writing an informative blog. We personally do this for our clients, and the content comes directly from them. If you can, write a few blogs at a time and time release each individual one every morning.
  2. Keywords are words that search engines identify as you summing up your content. However, a keyword does not have to be one word. "How to win" and "search for company" are examples of a keyword, but so is "marketing."
  3. Research each keyword you wish to use before publishing. You can accomplish this on the Google Adwords Toolbar. Simply write a word into the keyword box, and then identify how many people Google that word monthly. Also, if you are a smaller business, please stick to words that have "low" competition in the interest of avoiding the big players who will drown your voice out. After all, some people update new content hourly.
  4. You will notice that when you use this tool, several relevant words will appear underneath that might be a better solution for you. Simply make a top-ten list of these words, and find ways to squeeze them into your article. For example: keyword- "Greek restaurant", low competition, 201,000 local monthly searches; "When choosing a restaurant- leave the ruins to the Greeks, leave the food to the Italians." I wrote it this way to show you the possibilities available to you.
  5. Use Woorank to monitor what your website is doing right, and what it is doing wrong. Woorank will custom generate a report for you instantly that will give you all of the critical information you need to improve upon your website.
  6. External links are key, but content is king. With external links I was able to get a free website to the top of Google for five months with no keywords but several critical external links. I don't suggest this, but you can see the potential. External links, by the way, is your URL on other websites. The more popular the website, the higher your website will rank. Think of the internet as a school yard. I'm sure it still holds true that the more popular people that you're friends with, the more popular you naturally become. Makes sense, right?

I hope this blog as well as the search engine tools linked above help to get you started in increasing your search engine rankings right away (great SEO sentence).


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