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This year's most exciting and informative New Jersey marketing seminar is going to be held in Cherry Hill on August 30th, at 2pm.

Can you catch a dream?

Can you tame a butterfly?

Can you reach the stars?

Can you get more customers?

Well, I don't know if you can do the first three, but at my free New Jersey marketing seminar this August 30th, you'll learn everything you need to begin getting more customers as quickly as possible.

There is so much stuff you can learn about marketing and advertising. To be honest, most of it is academic nonsense set to define abstract concepts and ideas.

I HATE that crap.

I like concrete things, like scotch, beautiful women, cigars and of course, money. While discretionary time is the true metric of success, in my opinion; however, you won't be able to achieve true discretionary time without money. Money, or revenue, is the name of the game. Teaching you how to generate more revenue is why I'm hosting this marketing seminar.

So if you don't have the time to read countless marketing books, or develop a marketing plan for your business guaranteed to generate a sizable ROI, then let me teach you how to circumvent that nonsense by teaching you what you need to do now to get more customers. By the way, I'm Matthew Steffen, the greatest marketing expert in New Jersey.

Guess who Atlantic City called right before the Casino's began failing.

Not me.

Among the any diverse topics I'll be covering at our seminar, will be:

  1. How to select the best channels for advertising
  2. How to leverage those channels to maximize your ROI
  3. How to create a web presence that gets new customers immediately
  4. How to create and manage a marketing schedule to maximize your ability to get more customers while eliminating your time and money wasted on poor promotional choices
  5. So much more


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