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The easiest and fastest way to ensure that you are listed as a local small business is to go to, and ensure that you have listing created on all local directory pages, while also connecting yourself to them as the exclusive owner.

Get Listed by Moz (it appears Moz bought out the original company who developed the tool) is a great way to quickly and easily ensure your business is listed properly through the net.

Often times business owners may create online listings without properly linking it to a proper email account or website. This is dangerous because competitors could easily claim your listing and do hidden damage to your brand, or steal customers who were searching online for you. I say this only because I have seen it done to a barber shop we developed a website for.

Here are other details of your business you need to be sure you properly add and maintain:

  1. Your address
  2. Your website
  3. Your business description
  4. Your hours

Be sure to create a list of directories you have created, or have been created for you, using Excel or Google Drive. This is so when you move into larger offices, change your phone number, etc., you can be sure these changes are consistent throughout your entire online presence.

Creating listings for your small business is free, easy and certainly worth your time as small business owner who takes their proverbial "baby" very seriously.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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