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Google's latest attempt at creating a lucrative social sharing network (Google+) has flopped. Also, their attempt to make Google queries more "relevant" to its users by integrating preferences found on their respective Gmail account was terribly inconvenient to users. For me personally, I sign-out of Gmail before entering the dismal and seemingly non related world of Google, plus "my" world.

Google started strong and will remain strong for some time. However, Facebook is getting ready to dominate.

What we want when we search for items is relevance. If a stranger asks me what is a good restaurant, I am going to tell them Bistro Romano on 2nd Street in Philadelphia. However, what if they hate Italian food? What if they don't have a car to get there? What if their ex-lover used this restaurant to carry on affair with their estranged "ex" sister? How could I know what to suggest to answer their question?

But guess who does know? Facebook.

Facebook knows almost everything about over 800 million people in the world. When Joe goes into Facebook's new search engine, (I would name it Searchbook), he will look for a cruise to Alaska. Facebook knows where Joe lives, what Joe eats, what teams Joe watches and whether Joe likes women, or men. There will be no more filing through several different services in search of one that will best serve your needs. Searchbook will already have a brilliant algorithm programmed to rank search results in accordance with your preferences that have been pre-recorded in Facebook.

Facebook is going public, and that means you can bank on some serious growth. Google tried to compete with them in an effort to slow them down- no such luck. One out of every seven minutes online is spent on Facebook. You can bet they want much, much more than that.


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