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The second best way to dramatically improve search engine optimization (SEO) is by getting other websites to post your link on their website (the first way is having good content). Here are a few ideas to increase you website's SEO through strategic external linkage:

  1. .edu sites are excellent sites to get your external link posted on because search engines have tremendous respect for academic institutions. So your move is to work with a student club that is relevant to your business in the interest of achieving a productive collaboration. For example, a local restaurant in Atlantic City could host a cooking contest between the students of Atlantic Cape Community College. As soon as the college sends out a press release on their website- voila!
  2. You need to be publishing educational articles on every major article sharing website on the Internet. Need a good list? BAM!- Some of the formats of these sites are a little involved, but by spreading your expertise (and a link to your site) around the web, you will be attracting customers and major SEO.
  3. Invite guest bloggers to your site, as well as offer to blog on other people's site. Here you are essentially trading links with other men/women of good will while sharing some great content back and forth. However, don't ever do this with competitors.
  4. Submit your external link to DMOZ- now!
  5. Set up a separate blog in other blog sites such as blogger and Google Community. I did this with my blog, Marketing in New Jersey. Here I am clearly appealing to small businesses primarily in New Jersey. Don't forget to list your link.


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