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We get new clients all the time who buy existing companies, and wish to begin sending older customers emails.

Makes sense, right? Why leave all those satisfied customers just hanging out there, right?

However, the biggest problem with sending mass email to older lists is they haven't been used in a quiet a while, and you can be locked out of using your email system in the future due to high unsubscribe rates.

After all, these people have not heard from this company in years, and have probably already moved on (and don't want to be BOTHERED!).

Also, a system like Mailchimp does't want run the risk of having their brand tarnished simply because a group of charlatans wishes to continually send spam to unsolicited lists.

But then again, you're not sending spam, you're sending the very same offerings this list has been interested in, in the past.

So, what's the solution?


1- Create Another Unsubscribe Link

Create a webpage on your website with a form, as well as a headline that says "Unsubscribe by Entering Your Email Below."

The URL could be: "" (it's not rocket science...)

This is the form people who wish to unsubscribe will visit to unsubscribe.

Now you may be wondering, "well, how am I going to get them there?"


2- Add it to Your Emails

Add the text, "Unsubscribe from this List" at the foot of your email body, and embed a link to the page I had you build above.

Now, every time someone goes to unsubscribe, they will circumvent the email system, and you just avoided email marketing Siberia!

Just always ensure you purge the names of everyone who unsubscribes from your list after each campaign.

Now you have an indestructible way to eliminate being flagged by your email marketing provider, while being able to freely send as many emails as you want.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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