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When conducting email marketing, not having a good checklist can lead to mistakes.

As much as you don't want to make a mistake, a random grammar error, or broken link has happened to the best of us.

However, you can easily convert an email marketing mistake into an email marketing SUCCESS.


  1. You Realize the Mistake - Either you, a co-worker or a customer will contact you and and alert you a mistake has been made with regard to an email you have sent out. Find where your process broke down and fix it moving forward.
  2. How Big is It - If the mistake is not significant, then simply forget it and move on. If, however, the mistake is somewhat monumental, create an email immediately that does the following:
    1. Addresses the mistake
    2. Apologizes the mistake was made
    3. Read on to number 3...
  3. Mistakes Mean Profits -  Once you have admitted your mistake and apologized to your email marketing audience, offer them one of your special offerings as a sign of your appreciation for their understanding. While you may have pushed this offering before, it will seem so much more genuine, alluring and valuable because it will appear as if you are doing so to over-correct yourself. The appeal for the audience is basic human psychology. Whenever we are offered something following an apology, we are trained to accept it in the interest of making the person apologizing feel better.

I have seen many seasoned marketers use this approach...

... and sometimes I wonder if they intentionally made the mistake to begin with. Who knows?!

If you're not failing, you're not succeeding.

Just the fact you are conducting email marketing for yourself is brave, and sophisticated. Don't be afraid to trip -- be afraid to not run. But if you do trip, increase your revenue while doing it!

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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