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A while back, implanting your link on the comment section of a blog post foreign to your website could be an effective solution for increasing external linkage in the interest of search engine optimization for your website. However, the black-hat marketers abused this privilege, and today, top notch blog sites have found a way to derail these efforts by creating a "no-follow" code within the site to deny links on the comment section any traffic. Basically, the no-follow code ensures that your site is not rewarded and external linkage, and certainly no additional search engine optimization.

However, many other blog sites do grant working links on their comment section in the interest of encouraging more comments and creating more networks. You can see why more popular sites are no longer fans of this as their comment sections were quickly turning into link farms instead of meaningful places of lively dialogue and collective debate.

Now, when you do leave a comment on a blog that allows links, ensure you have something meaningful and relevant to say.  They will know why you left your link, so don't try to make fancy excuses as to why you have listed it. We at Imprinsic delete about 100 spam comments a day, so never forget that most of the time your comment will have to be approved before showing up. Here's a quick tip: everyone likes compliments.


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