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There is probably no dysfunctional belief more debilitating in terms of SEO than considering a Homepage a more powerful appendage than any other page on your site. In fact, a homepage has no greater juice, and is not given any greater juice by search engines when ranking for strategic keywords.

"Come on Matt! Homepages always outrank secondary pages and blogs!"

Actually, that is a myth. The reason that is a myth is because I see properly optimized pages and posts wiping the floor with seemingly powerful homepages all of the time.

"So why do people always prioritize main keywords on homepages, tough guy?"

First of all, don't call me tough guy. I've destroyed more Taliban in one day than donuts you've eaten in one year.

"Okay, I apologize."

That's better. The reason homepages can carry more keywords (2-3) is because they organically manifest more links. The reason homepages organically manifest more links is because people naturally link to a homepage when they are linking to a particular site. Think of this as having a healthy body. Now, naturally when people snap a picture of you, they are going to take a picture of your face. This is the same way people naturally link to homepages. However, every anatomical and physiological structure and process must function properly in the interest of having great overall health, no matter how many times people take a picture of your face, and ignore your optimized buttocks. However, the more optimized your buttocks is, the more people will snap a picture of it.

In other words, your ass can get more traffic than somebody's face if you optimize it properly.

And that is the magical point. Because your homepage will naturally build more SEO juice due to external linking prejudice toward other "inferior pages," ensure you use about 2-3 high volume keywords. Now, for the other pages of your site, use 1, or 2 at the most, per page.

Don't think that any page on your site can't rank higher than the millions of other homepages your competing with. It can - and with my advice - it will.


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