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Wow, you're pretty smart visiting this blog. Also, I am always appreciating some of you sharing our posts in the social media realm of the online world, and I welcome you to email me any questions you may have with regard to marketing. I blog everyday (well, 5 times on Sundays), and so I can be at times at a loss for questions you may have with regard to your small business.

Google knows all too well when we add selling propositions to our blogs. What Google prefers is very little selling, and a whole lot of value perpetuating. When you get caught selling your product on every blog post, it can negatively affect your search engine optimization (SEO). So, your move is quite simple: add pictures.

Today I was giving an SEO workshop to a client at her store, and I happened to mention the following trick. What you do is create an image with your selling proposition on it, and then Google will not be able to see you are selling your products on any blog posting. You can take a look at the bottom of this post to see that our team has been doing this for months. Also, ensure you link the image to where you want them to primarily arrive.

As I always say, content is key; however, sometimes content is better-off concealed in images.


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