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So here are a few types of advertising that I will explain how to use, how your customers will perceive them, and how effective they truly are.


This is a rather affordable method of advertising which is the main customer funnel for many New Jersey businesses.

People often read through a newspaper very quickly one time, and then dispose of it.

Your advertisement needs to be fast, somewhat blended in so that the readers' eye will naturally catch it, and ideally on the left side above the fold.


Magazines have a lot in common with inbound marketing tactics such as this blog.

People that purchase magazines spend a lot of time consuming them, and often read through them several times before discarding them.

Your move here is to provide credible and legitimate information that the reader will enjoy consuming all while cleverly positioning your pitch.

Often times choosing the right magazine is the most difficult part of executing this method. Always have your lists of five things your target market loves, and five problems they face.


Billboards are such an advertising dichotomy. They are either very practical at increasing revenue by getting somebody to exit the Expressway and buy your candles, or they are simply great ways to consistently remind customers of a brand, with no immediate benefit.

Not many people pick up the phone and dial for an insurance quote while they are driving.

At the end of the day, billboards are great if you are in in the general area, yet not readily visible, or if you merely wish to perpetuate your brand in the mindspace of unspecific populations.


This form of advertising is very expensive (obviously) however, is most certainly the most effective form of advertisement. More people still watch television than subscribe to Facebook, read blogs, check email, drive cars, drink milk and take baths.

I have never taken part in the production of a commercial so I will not pretend to be an expert. I learned in the Army to always stay in my lane. However, I have a friend that works at Hello & Company who is part of an excellent team who produces commercials for all of the major players. She is a brilliant person, so I would definitely advise you check them out if you are interested.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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