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I love Cognito Forms.

I use them for all of our clients, and they are 100% reliable and secure, as far as we have seen since we began using them several months ago.

Most WordPress forms (and form plugins) can break or cease working properly following random updates. They may also go to spam instead of your inbox.

Also, they can be difficult to track using, for example, Zapier to a metric program such as databox.

For example, Gravity Forms are great, but you'll have to pay to be able to integrate them with Zapier. With Cogntio forms, there is no extra cost, and you can forward each form to as many email addresses as you please.

Also, these forms easily integrate into Square, Stripe etc., so you can quickly take payments or send invoices, instead of manually taking credit card numbers over the phone. Just be sure you have an SSL if you do this on your website.

With Cognito Forms, we can easily track the amount of leads each of our clients get, and which page it came from.

Also, the conditional features are incredible. I can manage seemingly endless fields of information and allow clients to input seamless data, while displaying only one question at a time.

The price tag is smaller than a hamster, and the value is bigger than a dinosaur. If you'res smart, you'll sign up today!

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