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The biggest mistake people make when developing or revising their logo is they use the same color as their competition.

In the early 90s, Pepsi allowed the red in their red and blue logo dominate their soda's bottles.

Well, everyone knows red is market leader Coca-Cola's color, and only when Pepsi changed their dominant color to blue, did they begin seeing a spike in sales.

So, rule #1 in logo creation is to always use the opposite color of your competition. After all, blue may be a calming color, but if every one of your competitors is using it, they will be equally calm, bored and forgetful of who you are.

So, if they use blue, you use red. If they use black, you use white.

Next, ensure your logo is vertical, not horizontal. You want your logo to dominate both of your customers' eyes, and not just one.

Next, be familiar! I cannot emphasize this enough!

You have no idea how many millennial dominated law firms want a "sleek and modern" logo.

Well, people don't want modern and sleek when they're looking for a lawyer, they want conservative and mature.

Last year a day care center came to me and wanted a new logo with big "explosions" in it. I told her I don't consult with known terrorists. Can't make this stuff up people.

The bottom line is a logo has the following job:

  1. Stand out from the competition by using an alternative color (notice hardly any top competing brands ever use the same colors?).
  2. Use a logo that is vertical so it captures both of your customers' eyes
  3. Use a design that people have come to expect from your industry. Sorry day cares, no lightning bolts or explosions please.

One more thing...

Be sure to ask friends and family what they think about your logo. A quick way to get this feedback is to post it on your Facebook page and see what people think.

However, you're more concerned with the opinions of people in your market, so pay close attention to what they say.

Like I always say, a good logo today keeps the marketers away.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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