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by David Meerman Scott

When I began considering starting my own marketing agency, this was the first book I read. Ignoring how inspiring it is as a call-to-action for marketers and small business people to gain target market awareness with minimal funds, this book walks you through nearly every practical approach you can begin taking immediately to drive more sales in less time than it ever took you before.

What really amazed me about this book was the simplicity by which Scott uses to illustrate his points making it tangible for even the lowest of layman.

Citing case studies and practical examples as he goes, he literally charts a road-map for your internet marketing and media relations success. Although I haven't read this book in years, I'll revisit a couple chapters at least once a month for guidance on how to best leverage a particular promotional medium for more sales, or how to better send out press releases to get published. Out of the hundreds of books about marketing I have read, this is without a doubt in my top ten. Get it today!

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