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by Martin Lindstrom

This is without a doubt one of my favorite books about branding. Martin is the pastor and marriage counselor between two polar opposites with a rocky past: Science and marketing. He jogs through a list of common beliefs and myths concerning marketing, and proves their truth or bullshit based on modern breakthroughs in brain scanning (fMRI).

While focus groups and surveys were used to manifest 'market research' that guided key pathways in advertising; today, as Martin proves, more accurate findings can be driven with science, and not based on unreliable subjects who 'believe' they're being honest.

Due to Martin's young obsession with legos, one draws an image of Martin as a lonely boy with skinny arms and an articulate mind - the type of kid you would imagine would be prey to jocks, and humorous fodder for the so-called pretty girls. However, an eccentric childhood often paves the way for an unconventional adulthood, and as a result, Martin brings with him all of the creative trappings of one who lives amongst us physically, but soars above us intellectually.

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