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Imprinsic Marketing Group, New Jersey's most DOMINANT Marketing Agency is now offering blog updating services.

Updating your website's blog as often as possible is the best way to optimize your site to rank higher on search engines. When search engines look at your site, they want to see the following:

    • Fresh and original content updated frequently
    • Keyword rich material
    • No misspellings or grammatical errors
    • Images with embedded keyword tags
    • Links to key pages on your website

Here is what our blog updating service entails:

  1. Develop a list of 3 keywords you wish to rank in search engines for
  2. Ensure each blog post primarily focuses on 1-3 keywords at a time
  3. Identify what questions your market niche is asking, and focus blog content on being served by them
  4. Ensure blog builds your email list, and includes a strong call-to-action for your product or service

Because blogs require original content that has not been copied, rewritten or plagiarized, it is time-consuming to write authoritatively about a particular subject on a daily basis. However, Imprinsic has a well-rounded, contracted team of blogging professionals dedicated to ensuring all content is original, informative, engaging and keyword rich. After all, creating content that will be found by your customer is the first step to increasing your online business.


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