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Today I want to teach you the #1 sales secret of pros like me. While it's easy to understand, it is not so easy to execute. After all, many of my idiot competitors have been trying to learn it for years, and that's why some of them are now delivering pizza for Dominos, I kid you not.

So, today I'm not only going to show you what the secret is, I'm going to help you master it. While 99% of painters will never be as good as Picasso, those same painters will at least come very close to the untrained eye, and so will you with regard to sales.

So, what's the sales secret? Very simple: Enthusiasm.

Again, simple to say, very difficult to execute. That's okay because here comes the lesson!

Take a look at this sales script. Read it aloud, and pretend you're selling. Do it a few times until you feel comfortable.

Hi, I'm Matt and I'm here to tell you about the amazing offer we are running for this week only. Starting Saturday, we will be selling horse candles for the low price of $19.99. That's right. These candles have real live bits of horse in them, and will easily make your house smell like an old horse stable that hasn't been cleaned in weeks.

Improv to close the sale!

How did you do? Now I want you to listen to these two examples of me reading the script:

Pitch 1:


Pitch 2:


What you'll easily notice is the enthusiasm bursting out of the second example. While some people don't necessarily respond to enthusiasm, or sales, most people do, and it is those people your team will usually be required to sell to.

Why is Enthusiasm so Effective as a Sales Technique?

While people tend to enjoy the mediocrity of their own lives, they also tend to crave movies with cars that fly over rivers, music with beats that could keep a POW awake for weeks and friends so crazy they could star in their own soap opera. The bottom line is people enjoy excitement, drama, and yes, enthusiasm. This is one reason people love enthusiasm - it's fun!

Quick ways to increase enthusiasm:

  • Coffee with plenty of espresso 1 hour prior to meeting
  • Motivational triggers, such as a vision board
  • Subliminal videos
  • Incentives, such as monetary bonuses

Enthusiasm = Passion, and passion reflects hard work and dedication

Now while not all of your sales people will be closing deals over the phone, it's very important for them to look and act the part as well in person. Here are some tips for portraying real-world enthusiasm:

  1. Posture is Key - Always ensure your team stands and sits up straight, and slightly leans forward while expressing exciting ideas. They should be leaning upward while listening, and leaning forward while expressing thoughts and ideas. Leaning backward is slightly too relaxed for a sales meeting. Also, never cross arms or put hand anywhere near face. This appears weak and disengaged.
  2. Clothing - Ensure your team wears blue, which is very effective at creating trust, and making the buyer feel more relaxed.
  3. Facial Expressions - Ensure your team members listen eagerly, and wear that eagerness on their face. They should look very interested in what the buyer is saying, and never look confused. Always give the appearance of confidence, seriousness, sincerity and enthusiasm!

I hired a sales girl months ago to make sales calls. No matter how hard I tried to teach her enthusiasm, she just couldn't summoned it. She was fired after two weeks which was about 9 days too late. Never forget this!

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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