Today I'm going to list the newest and most effective "in-house" SEO (search engine optimization) strategies for producing online content. I have no doubt that our South Jersey marketing competitors will be reading this because their idea of SEO is pay-per-click advertising. But for the rest of you- enjoy these tips to SEO dominance:

Tip 1- Use Keywords

I refer to keywords as critical words that you need in your content that will surface when your target market types a phrase into a search engine in pursuit of services, products, education or entertainment that you and your competitor provide.

A keyword does not (and probably should not) be "one word." South Jersey Marketing is an example of a keyword. A good way to ensure your keyword is actually being typed is to first research it at Google Adwords.

Simply type in your keyword and ensure that it has low competition with a high rate of searches, in accordance with your target market.

Tip 2- No more Keywords

Yes you should have a list of keywords that you consistently implant into your content; however, you no longer need keywords in your meta-content.


I believe the reason for this is so-called "SEO gurus" have historically been really effective at manipulating search engines with weak content. This meant that really good content produced consistently was losing out to really bad content authored by somebody who knew the tricks. Think of this as a rich person paying less in taxes because they could hire a good tax lawyer. Rather, don't think of it, because this is not the case anymore- online anyway. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  realizes how frustrating it is for people online who Google "side effects of heart medication" for example, and the first result is the Viagra website. Really?

Tip 3- Update content daily

Do you really care about SEO? Do you really believe that winning the coveted role as a top search engine result will produce you significantly greater income? If the answer is yes, then I'd say investing a half an hour a day to write an educational blog on your website is critical.

There is simply no way of getting past it. Once your website is produced, updating your blog daily with fresh content dripping occasionally with your targeted keywords is the most effective way to reach the top of a search engine result. If you are a marketer or real estate agent, do it twice a day.

If you're my competitor, go home because you are losing anyway.

Tip 4- Internal Linkage

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will notice some words I have linked to several pages within our website. The goal of this paragraph below is not so much to drive more sales, but rather to allow search engine spiders to crawl through our site with greater ease.

Also, embedding a link under a strategic keyword (ex. sexiest man alive) tells the search engines exactly what that specific page is about.

Basically, if you keep calling somebody at your job "Joe", what do you think everyone else will end up calling him?

It's funny how the virtual world mimics the physical world. Now go mimic a successful SEO expert and start dominating your competitor.

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