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I'm about to give you the 5 greatest SEO tips in the world. Just like it takes: exercise to lose weight, reading to get smart and perfume to get sexy - these 5 greatest SEO tips in the world require hard work and energy to apply.

So, if you're afraid of a little hard work, go put on a bib and ask mommy for a feeding. But if you're ready to dominate your online competition and take no prisoners, yield my advice and hang this next to your computer.

The 5 Greatest SEO Tips in the World:

  1. The best way to get high customer volume into your brick-and-mortar location is through money - money to purchase or rent high value real-estate in high volume areas that require your business. A few years ago, search engine rankings weren't much different. Website owners could attain top search engine ranking real-estate through the purchasing of external links. Today however, content is the currency that is exchanged for prime search engine positioning. The more often you update your website with FORA (fresh, original, relevant and authoritative) content, the greater search engine real-estate you will possess. Additionally, you must naturally assume that the more useful content you produce, the more likely other sites will naturally link to you and increase your site's ranking accordingly. Remember that search engines don't care about you, they care about giving their users the most relevant, timely, accurate and original information, entertainment and services available.  Great content on your site is the key to making Google's/Bing's users happy.
  2. Matt Cutts from Google is always encouraging people to stop thinking about their algorithm and just conduct business online in a way that will serve customers best. He is completely right - obviously. If you are ranking very high on search engines due to a phenomenal external linking program, but users frequently "drop-off" your site very quickly, than Google tracks these trends and deducts linking juice accordingly. Think about it: If your search users frequently abandon search ranking numbers 1,2 and 3, yet, click and engage with search result #4 on a consistent basis - which site do you think will gain higher search engine rankings over time? The bottom line is Google keeps track of dull sites that users often leave, and the reason is that the fewer keywords users have to type to find a useful result the better. Create your website to engage, entertain, inform and serve your market niche as much as possible and you'll rank within the top 3 in no time.
  3. External linking will be a thing of the past one day and here is why: Google will soon rate the legitimacy of an outbound link by its relation to the top left corner of a site. The lower and to the right side a link is, the lesser of importance it must be. With this in mind, the traditional tactic of building links on blog post comment sections will be near useless. The key is to build networks of relevant businesses (geographical or industrial) and create link sharing zones. For example, I will agree to link to Organization A with regard to anthropology if they agree to link to me with regard to marketing. This way you get credit for linking outwardly while other websites subscribing to my 5 greatest SEO tips in the world profit as well. If you are producing original content at least 3-5 times a week, than entering and maintaining your place in a large link sharing zone will not be a problem. Think of a link sharing zone as several thousand businesses all renting space together within one large building. Their mutual presence and participation strengthens that of the next organization and every organization above and below that. 
  4. Before external linking is a thing of the past as mentioned above, here is your move to create a very effective manual linking program: Link to sites that are either geographically or industrially relevant to yours. The genesis of the Panda updates Google implemented was as a result of companies buying several thousand external links to achieve higher rankings. The problems was a lot of these links were not relevant to their particular business niche. For example, I worked with a client whose site got banned for being linked to over 2,000 Russian porn sites. Perspective: His company sold kid's toys. Let's face it, Google is not stupid; however, there is nothing that says you cannot roam the internet linking valuable custom content that you have created to relevant sites that are very similar. I allow it on our site all of the time from other bloggers, and they will too because it enhances user value. Why do you think I link words you may not know of to external sites with more information? User experience my friend, which Google most certainly tracks.
  5. Just be yourself. If you run an electronic store and you are competing with Best Buy for search engine positioning, you can easily win. You have advantages that Best Buy does not. For example, you can participate in the local chamber of commerce and get linked from their site. You can blog about emerging trends in hardware and software (go viral!) faster and more engagingly than that inflated Best Buy beast with all of their relentlessly sluggish legal teams treading carefully over minefields of paperwork and approvals. You can build local networks of local business owners who link to your site and contribute to its content. The future of Google is locality, and so ensuring your site is the shining commercial star of your local sector will give it major search engine juice that Best Buy cannot afford (because it takes effort, not money), or attempt (because it builds local relationships, not profits).

The goal of your website needs to be providing your customer everything they could ever dream of with regard to that keyword they typed to find you. If you want to know how you can do more, just ask your customer.


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