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Well, the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) probe of Google is nearly at an end with no chance that the FTC with proceed with anti-trust actions against the search engine company. This naturally upset competitors such as Microsoft who operate the search engine Bing, who is a very distant second place contender to the search giant.

Among the many recommendations by the commission with regard to mobile patents, the FTC is also forcing Google to make a few changes to its search engine algorithm. Here are a few changes I expect in accordance with my marketing brilliance:

No, No, Narcissistic Google

A long time ago I advised you to sporadically link your site to as many Google products as possible, for example: Google videos, Google Translate, and Google Trends ;). However, you are no longer required to put this much emphasis on Google's products as I imagine the Commission sank their teeth into this little self-promoting practice.

Do This: Although this practice will lose juice, ensuring your presence is spread amongst most Google products such as Google+ and YouTube is as critical as ever.


I have always suspected that Google influences their Google Adwords tool which is used to determine how many times a common phrase gets searched for each month. Despite how many keywords exist with regard to any subject (which can be in the thousands), certain popular keywords seem to emerge. These keywords are very expensive for advertisers to utilize. I've always had the sneaking suspicion that Google guides searchers toward strategically chosen keywords that change based on that month's supply and demand of advertising. In other words, if you try to Google "New York Times," Google will automatically suggest additional words to add which change randomly.

Do This: Because it can be difficult to truly measure the effectiveness of any given keyword, focus your efforts on an organic search engine optimization program. Find as many useful keywords as possible that you believe your target market is typing into search engines, and use every last one on the main pages of your site, and the longer tail keywords on your blog.

Copy the Trends

The FTC made Google make some changes to their algorithm, and therefore some #1 ranking websites will lose their position over the next week. Forget about the old victors, now is the time for their successors.

When your friend scores an A+ on every test in class, who do you think you should study with? The bottom line is the answers to what Google wants to see in the interest of ranking #1 with regard to your keywords already exists. Study the winners! If you sell manufacturing supplies in New Jersey, take a hard look at who ranks #1 with regard to manufacturing supplies in a similar state such as California. Study their homepage and who they link to. Do they have videos? Do they blog everyday like yours truly? But don't just stop there, study all of your competition that is ranking highly on Google to identify what you need to do, and what you shouldn't so, in the interest of your SEO success.

Despite all of the changes, a few things remain constant. To rank first on Google you must:

(1) Be linked to external websites that are:

(2) Create website content that is:

  1. Fresh
  2. Relevant
  3. Authoritative
  4. Original


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