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Well you made the right choice by visiting New Jersey's #1 marketing expert. You don't need money to rank #1 on Google. All you need to do is read my blog and subscribe to my Monday Morning Marketing Memo found to your right. For the sake of simplicity, I want to give you tips to optimize your homepage, specifically. After you master optimizing your homepage, you may then go to every other page on your site an optimize it accordingly.

So, here are the top 3 FREE ways to reach the top of Google so your customers find you:

  1. Research what keywords your customers are typing into search engines each month using Google's AdWord Tool. Strive for high traffic (monthly searches) and high competition words. If you are a local business, ensure you are including this in your keyword. For example, we rank for: New Jersey Marketing Company. Google that and see who pops up 😉
  2. Ensure your keyword is:
    1. Ideally in your page's URL
    2. In your header
    3. In your content as much as possible
    4. In the 'alt-tag' of your page's image
  3. Blog everyday! Don't plagiarize, and don't copy your own content on multiple pages. Google is looking for valuable content to present to users, so please refrain for the relentless call-to-actions on every blog posting. Create an image like the one my staff created below, and then Google can't see what you're up to. Just make sure you blog on a daily basis, and not creating 10 posts in one day, and then not posting for a week. Useless! I beat all of these external linking hacks by simply creating the following content on a daily basis:
    1. Fresh
    2. Original
    3. Relevant


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