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by Al Ries & Jack Trout

This is easily one of my favorite books about marketing written by 2 seasoned experts with one foot in tangible marketing experience, and the other in conceptual marketing gospel.

The foundation of this entire book is perception in marketing is everything.

This book is laid out much like the title infers in that it is a series of 22 chapters, each describing an "immutable law of marketing" based on real-world case studies the authors entertainingly divulge.

From Amelia Earhart branding herself as the first "female" pilot to scale the Atlantic (when in fact she was the third person to do so), to Royal Doulton China ingenuously calling out their competitor Lennox for being located in the seemingly less-opulent Pomona, New Jersey, this book gets to the bottom of what you can immediately do to brand your business for maximum differentiation while taking a huge scoop of market from your competition.




The book also highlights how quickly brands like Tylenol reacted suddenly to Aspirin having harmful effects on users with the slogan: Tylenol, for the millions who should not take Aspirin.




The book also highlights how companies such as Avis realized they couldn't be the market leader over the dominant Hertz in the rent a car industry, so they chose to use that to their advantage.

Avis surged in customer rentals with the ad: "Avis is only No. 2 in rent a cars. So why go with us?" followed by a long explanation of the how the company tries harder to be better than their #1 competitor, in every way.

Instead of the typical lip service marketers like me hear day-in and day-out with regard to "our product is better", Avis proudly embraced a spot behind their biggest competitor with grace, and customer service urgency which made their sales surge.




I could go on-and-on about this book and its wisdom. Soon you will too, with practical examples of how to maximize the benefits of your products, while capturing as much attention for your company as possible.

But always remember, perception is reality, and you are the master of your company's perceptual destiny.

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