Today I am going to give you 2 advanced SEO philosophies that you can use to rank as highly as possible on search engines. I've been using the word "philosophy" with regard to SEO a lot lately because SEO is no longer a science, but rather more of an art... a philosophy. So, follow these 2 philosophies and you will be living at the top of SERPs and all safely within Google's guidelines.

  1. First of all, you must live within Google's code of conduct. You must assume that if Google can't crack down on your Black Hatting today, eventually they will. A Black Hat SEO approach is like watching a body builder take steroids - it is obvious. This is the perfect analogy because both create disproportionate changes with relation to the progress of others. For example: getting 10,000 external links within 2 months to a site that is rarely updated is like a guy gaining 30 lbs. of muscle when only going to the gym twice a week. It's obvious rules are being broken.
  2. Create natural external links. For example, if you operate a barber shop in nj, how often will people naturally link to you as nj barber shop? What they might anchor text is: great barber shop, local place to get a haircut, etc. The point is, when you build external links around a handful of select keywords, you are leaving a huge target on your website that says "spam." This was one of the major targets of the Google Panda update, not just link graveyards. How else do you think Black Hatters lost SEO juice on websites with a PageRank of 8?

The bottom line is you need to be more natural in everything you are doing with regard to SEO. If you create fresh, original, relevant and authoritative content on an ongoing and consistent basis, than it will not be suspect when you have hundreds of new external links on an ongoing basis as well. However, when you don't visit the gym (produce new content), people (Google) will get suspicious when you start getting bigger (increasing site ranking).


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