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Advertising is a very competitive game and anyone who's creating digital imagery to sell must do everything in their power to catch people's attention. Sex has always, and will always, be a good strategy at attracting attention. Because of this, companies everywhere have sexualized their products' promotions in the name of profit. Here is our list of the...


10 Sexiest Billboards of All-Time (in no particular order):


This Calvin Klein billboard in the United Kingdom easily gets people staring for a second or two. Not only that, it has been a real traffic stopper since it was first put up. CK has been using this selling tactic with its other billboards all over the world.




For a brand that sells kids' clothing as well as novelty items, Kitson has upped the ante by creating this billboard of a nude model in studded Sam Edelman heels. If you're from Malibu, you're sure to have noticed this one.



Any billboard containing Pamela Anderson screams sexy. Pam was a sex symbol of the 90's due to the success of the popular television show Baywatch. Pam, who's also an advocate of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), appears in this mega billboard promoting veganism. Unfortunately, this was been banned in Montreal Place Jacques-Cartier.



Yet another Calvin Klein creation is this steamy billboard featuring a threesome and another model preparing for some action. Netizens have ranted about this particular ad with some people saying that the company deserves a lawsuit. Do you agree?



In 2009, Ellus Jeans Deluxe put up this billboard in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Had it been placed in a more conservative country such as American, this might have never seen the light of day. What do you think?



Sexy billboards are something you normally see in Czech Republic. However, this billboard, courtesy of Belveder Club, was the cause of several car accidents when it was unveiled some five years ago.


Australian actress Sophie Monk lies provocatively on top of another model for Angel Champagne. Apparently, this isn't the first time she has done a raunchy billboard campaign. This ad is located in Los Angeles.



Some time ago, this reminder was up in the England-Wales border. These ladies showing of their pale buns are Natalee Harris, Lateysha Grace and Jenna Jonathan. However, due to the rage of protestors, this billboard was taken down after drivers report it as "distracting."



This Abercrombie and Fitch ad was release in 2003 with Heidi Klum. While the brand is known for its scandalous billboards, this one was done to particularly help sales which was down by 23% the previous year.



Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino fragrance has ran sexy billboard three years ago. The nose behind this scent is Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Unlike its unlucky competitors, this made it out, and made eyes pop out as well.


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