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To help assist you in selecting us as your marketing agency, we have prepared answers to the most common questions we receive.

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How much does marketing cost?

Every agency will have different fee structures attached to their services.

Our fee is based on the value you receive from our hard work and expertise in the service of expanding your customer base.

Let me explain...

For example, say you're a gym in Chicago, Illinois and your average members pays a $34/month membership fee.

Now, when we get you to the point where you are regularly adding an additional 40 members each month, that is a $1,360 increase of monthly revenue. However, let’s say your members belong to your gym for an average of 8 months. That means after 6 months of our services, we produced $65,280 in revenue due to the lifetime value of each of the additional 40 members on average.

I won't even go into how much revenue one new member can generate in referrals, up-sales and longer memberships!

It is through this kind of calculation that we base our fee – on the long-term value of our services.

At the end of the day, you only care about how our services fit in to your budget, and what results your expenditure on that service produce.

What are your typical results?

Fortunately for all concerned, the ‘Wild West’ days of the Internet are fading into the sunset, and results can be projected more reliably in the same manner as traditional marketing is.

While there is always a creative element to marketing and advertising (and we are rightfully proud of our abilities here), we can confidently predict that we will achieve the results we outline within the parameters of time and cost presented in the proposal we will provide for your consideration.

Results do vary based on seasonal and market conditions, adequate client cooperation and budget. Clearly, the larger the marketing budget, the faster and more robust the financial return on investment will be.

You can expect something along the lines of a 3:1 return on an ongoing basis as a result of our marketing programs within 3-6 months of implementation. This ‘ramp up’ period is mainly due to the fact that all potential customers react most strongly to message repetition. They will need to see your marketing message several times in the form of, for example, Google search results as a consequence of improved rankings, online ad re-targeting, and email marketing efforts before you become familiar and therefore trustworthy enough to contact.

Our marketing programs are developed with this critical strategic perspective in mind, and is one of the primary reasons why our marketing programs are so effective.

How long does it usually take to start working?

We work very hard to generate results as quickly as possible, and It is likely that you will begin seeing results in a 30-to-60 day time frame. But as noted above, it does take time to fully develop an Internet presence for your business that will realize the full potential of your online marketing program.

There are 2 forms of value: Input, and output.

Input is the labor that works toward producing a favorable result. Output is the result of the input, and in your case, that means increased sales, lower customer acquisition costs, improved visibility within your market, and related growth and income enhancing factors.

We feel that output is the only value that truly matters in the final analysis, and so we firmly believe it doesn't matter how hard we have work or how extensive the effort we have to put forth to reach your program’s marketing goals, because it is only through increasing your sales as quickly as possible, and then maintaining target goals effectively as possible as time goes on, that we will keep you as a happy, long-term client. Once your Internet presence has reached ‘critical mass,’ we are extremely confident that our methods will maintain your results within a parameter that is mutually beneficial to both our organizations.

How does the billing process work?

We bill our clients quarterly, and no one is ever required to sign any longer term agreement or enroll in automatic billing.

If you are not satisfied with our work – fire us. You will not be billed further, and all work product we have created on your behalf will belong to you in perpetuity.

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