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Matt Steffen founded The Marketing Agency in 2009 so you can have a predictable source of new customers.

The Marketing Agency serves over 137 clients nationwide. 

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Who is Matt Steffen?

Matt Steffen believes every business should have the ability to consistently get new customers and not have to worry about marketing or advertising.

He is fiercely committed to serving every type of business new customers, no matter what they sell or where they're located. He has been featured in Forbes as the "#1 Consultant Who Avoids the B.S."

Founded First Charity in 1999

He got his start in marketing in 1999 when he created and executed a charity event for the American Red Cross which raised over $15k. He did this "just for fun" but it began a love affair Matt has had with marketing ever since.

Before Matt opened his own marketing agency, he has raised over $100k for various groups, such as veterans, victims of the Katrina hurricane, foster children and the American Red Cross.

Combat Deployment in 2007

In 2005 Matt joined the 82nd Airborne Infantry to "help out" with the wars overseas. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Army Good Conduct Medal and the Army Commendation Medal. 

Started "The Marketing Agency" in 2009

Matt started his marketing agency in 2009 when he realized his love and experience in marketing charitable events could easily be applied to business needing more customers. 

"When you've spent your life convincing strangers to give money to charity, convincing them to buy actual products that bring value to their lives is EASY!"

Since that time, his agency has served hundreds of businesses, including 6 Fortune 1000 companies. He has been featured in Forbes, Money magazine and the Wall Street Journal as a top tier marketing expert. He has given dozens of speeches and workshops to entrepreneurs all over the world looking to improve their marketing efforts.

Matt is a Rutgers University graduate, combat veteran, philanthropist  and member of Mensa (the International High IQ Society). In his spare time, Matt plays the drums, reads every book he can get his hands on, and enjoys time with his girlfriend Jacquelyn, and their first son, Remington.

Matt (on the left) at his annual toy drive for foster children.

Matthew Steffen is one of the most astute business people I have ever met. His abilities are unmatched.

-Martin Margolis, Esq.

Matt Steffen

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We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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