My family and I were having a lovely day shopping and driving around South Jersey when we stumbled upon this sign on the side of a major road. Signs like this have been a very common side-effect of our current national economic climate; however, this sign really took the proverbial cake, and served it in a way that is both confusing, and painfully pitiful.

Let's go through the numbers:

  1. I'm in the practice of giving people the benefit of the doubt and assuming that are being cleverer than they appear to be demonstrating. For instance, the person who wrote this promotion, and presumably the person offering this "product", has misspelled 3 words and made several grammatical errors.  However, are they simply trying to reach the lowest common denominator of intellectual capacity in South Jersey, or are they in fact the lowest common denominator of intellectual capacity in South Jersey? Could it be both? I doubt it. After all, even an imbecile would like to cash a check from a Fortune 500, if they know what that is of course.
  2. Being this road is not heavily traveled by pedestrians, I am assuming this person is at the very least creating this promotion for motorists. Another promotion I saw on an adjoining road was very similar to this one except it stated "gas prices are going to reach $4.00 this summer, do you have a plan?" The last time I checked, gas prices are going down. Again, a horrible display of a grasp of common sense reflects the alleged need of this promotion to reach motorists who are not very bright.

I hope this promotion is removed as soon as possible, and I truly hope nobody is suckered-in to place any trust in the author of this sign, or anything they are selling. But alas, mountebanks never have a shortage of gamblers.

And never forget... don't compete — DOMINATE.