Perhaps the title of this blog was misleading due to the fact that I only wish to personally endorse one free marketing website hosting service.

It is

Over the course of my 11 year history of managing and promoting various charitable events, I find this hosting service to be second to none in terms of appearance and functionality. There is never pressure to upgrade to a paid hosting service, and I have never encountered a problem I could not fix myself.

Here is an example of a Benefit Run website I produced in college using the free website hosting service:

Jeremy Kane Benefit Run

As you can see, your domain name will have a little ".webs" attached to it. Never-the-less, these days not many people hand-type URL's, so if you have sufficient SEO and external links, you will never have to worry about your market not finding your free site.

If you live in South Jersey, feel free to sign up for the next Jeremy Kane Benefit Run, and stop by the website to learn the story of a great South Jersey hero, Jeremy Kane (Cpl. USMC). I promise the event will be the most enjoyable 2-miles you will ever run/walk. Also, yours truly will be there 😉 Enjoy your day guys!

And never forget... don't compete — DOMINATE.