Today I want to share with you one way you can begin setting up each webpage on your website so you can be fully optimized for Google, specifically. First of all, it is a well-known fact that people (Western cultures that is) scan pages for content from left to right, and up to down. Google is well aware of this. These two ideas are linked in that Google gives much more precedence to websites that have user-friendly content that lends itself to the left-right, up-down scanning idea.

For instance, many website vendors make a great deal of money by allowing companies to advertise on them, respectively. Sometimes these vendors will freely sell space on the top left-hand corner of a website for as much rent as the bottom right. However, these two spaces are like comparing Baltic to Marvin Gardens.

The fact of the matter is Google wants all of your ads, links and duplicate content as far to the bottom right as possible; and, they want all of your fresh, original and relevant content as far top-left as possible.

If you defy Google, you harm the optimization potential of your page to reach new customers through your strategically selected keywords (say that 5 times underwater).

Now let's be reasonable here. We must always compromise between design and structure (my neighbor is a nuclear engineer and we are always debating the relationship between these). Yes you want to rank highly in search engines, but you also want to lead each viewer of your site through a process that converts them into a customer. Take a look at our site. I know for a fact it violates several pieces of SEO wisdom; however, it is like no other marketing site I have ever seen which makes it stand out, and it does very well in search engines because I update content daily. So you see, Google never closes a door without allowing you to open a window, if you know your religious cliches. And never forget... don't compete — DOMINATE.