Have you ever heard the saying, "do as I say, not as I do?" Good. Right now I invite you to inspect our homepage. Are you back? Good. Now, when we designed our new site 3 months ago, I demanded that our homepage look exactly like that. I loved the idea of it simulating our potential customer walking into our office for the first time, and one of us politely asking what we can do for them. I loved it, in fact I still love it. Yes it's true that our site ranks on the first page of nearly every search engine; that is, except for one- Google.

Google hates our homepage because it has no content. Even though you see words, those are connected to images which SERPs do not recognize as content. I have had dozens of conversations with our clients requesting them to allow us to make their homepage more SEO friendly despite what they love about it. Essentially the big fat German was calling the small business owner kettle black.

So here is what you should do to improve your own homepage:

  1. The URL should have your keyword in it. For example: http://www.imprinsic.com/South_Jersey_Marketing_Agency.html
  2. Header 1, and Header 2 should all contain your target keyword. Remember, a keyword should be more than one word (ex. South Jersey Marketing Agency).
  3. The content should have your keyword sprinkled throughout the actual content at least twice, and either italicized or bolded at least once.
  4. List a link back to your hompage throughout your website. This basically helps web spiders crawl through your site much smoother, as well as some other important reasons. As you can see I accomplish that at the bottom of this page.
  5. Whenever you generate an external link, ensure you embed the link under your main keyword text.
  6. Also, blogging everyday keeps your competitor away.

Currently our SEO expert, Robert, is re-organizing our own homepage to meet these very same guidelines. After all, SEO is important. Just don't forget to italicize or bold your keyword at least one time in your content. Good luck to you, South Jersey Marketing ;)!

And never forget... don't compete — DOMINATE.