At the heart of every excellent marketing plan is the marketing message.  We can talk about advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing and cold calling, but all of this is nothing without the beating heart of all marketing- differentiation.

Here are a few things to consider when writing your marketing message:

  1. Include what is important, and shed what is not. Is your physical location critical to your audience? Does it matter how long you have been in business? What is critical here, as always in marketing, is differentiation. If your competitors are inexperienced, than experience may be relevant.
  2. Include benefits, not features. I could care less what type of chemicals my Pool Company uses to open my pool. All I care about is whether it is safe to swim in, and will make my pool clearer than Pupu Springs in Golden Bay. That's it, and that's what their marketing message should center around. Instead, all I usually see is a bunch of stuff about Z4598 providers or some nonsense like that. Think like a customer and not like somebody who knows enough to do the job themselves.
  3. Once you have 3 good marketing messages in your arsenal and need to choose which is the most effective, utilize A/B split testing to measure respective success rate. For instance, utilize a direct email or mailer to target your potential customers with each of you marketing messages in three different market segments.  Normally the best way to segment your target market up to determine your best marketing message is by geography. We have a new prospect who is trying to reach every shore town in South Jersey. Here we decided to use the top 3 shore towns most likely to purchase their product to experiment with 3 separate marketing messages to determine which will yield the highest return of marketing investment (ROMI).

Creating a marketing message that will entice people to purchase your goods or services is a critical first step in any marketing plan. Think of advertising, your website and social media as a podium, but your marketing message is the speech that people will hear.

Although you need a large podium and a huge audience, only the right words will determine how large your podium and audience will grow as a result of what you say on a daily basis.


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