Do you listen to the radio? Perhaps in your car, at the office, in a waiting room or simply in the food court of a local mall. Either way there are new songs coming out all of the time that people have never heard before, and yet, many of them become hits. Why is that? It's simple, the more people hear or see something, the more comfortable and familiar they are with it.

Advertising your small business is just like the playing of songs on the radio. If the artist is unknown, most people are guaranteed to change the station in order to find a song more familiar and "better" to them. However, after some time of hearing different portions of a new song on a consistent basis, you feel yourself more inclined to at least give the entire melody a chance. After all, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

Not many people are going to be turned on to your advertising at first. "Oh wow, this company sells pool supplies! We must run there right now!" That's just not going to happen. Unless your price is so low that it borders the line of insanity, or you have a truly unique offering that cannot be matched (however, let's not forget the fabled tale of Otto Frederick Rohwedder who invented sliced bread, but failed for 15 years until Wonder Bread took the idea), people need to feel comfortable with a brand before they make a buying decision.

I have heard that a buyer needs to see or hear 7 different forms of brand promotion before they will consider buying. I'm not saying that's an infallible number, but it's a good starting point. Advertising works really well as long as you find a medium that: a) your market subscribes to, and b) is not saturated by your competition. So start advertising today, and I'll keep you updated on how to do it successfully.


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