1- Advertise only enough so they don't forget you.

2- If you are not making money, I assure you that your competitor is.

3- Marketing is getting people to know, like and trust you in the interest of improving their condition.

4- It is much easier to maintain customers than attract new ones.

5- Advertise the benefits, not the features.

6- People are always buying what you are selling, and it is your fault if they are not buying what you are selling.

7- Do you want to be at the very top of Google? Blog as much as possible, and make it relevant, fresh, authoritative and original content.

8- A parallel competitor sells the same product and benefit as you. A perpendicular competitor sells a completely different product, but yet, the same benefit as you. Both are taking your business.

9- This is the easiest time in recent history to start a business. This means it is even more likely that you will fail.

10- Viral media is the only deviation of physics I know of. A woman being bullied on a bus receives $600k in three days. Go viral if possible.

11- Did you you patent a new product, paint your store or visit the bathroom? Send out a Press Release. You get the point.

12- Marketing isn't only a system, it's your most important system.

13- Partner up with other business owners who are not competitors, but are selling to your potential customers. Give them 10-15% of every sale they generate for you.

14- Niche your product/service. If you try to sell to everyone, you will sell to no one.

15- Do you want to know how to make the perfect website? Add information, entertainment and sociability. This is why Google, Facebook and YouTube are the top 3 websites.

16- SEO (search engine optimization) is easy. Research what keyword your customers are typing into Google, add that keyword into your homepage several times, then embed a link to your website under this keyword on as many relevant sites as possible.

17- Do you want to give the greatest 30 minute seminar to a room full of prospective clients? Make it twenty minutes.

18- Remember that advertising is like a new song on a radio, the more they hear/see it, the more they will listen/read it.

19- Does your competitor have the #1 market share? Use an approach to your product that is the opposite of theirs. If people want their style, they will chose your competitor almost every time. If they want something different, you will get new customers very easily.

20- If you can't be first in a category, create a new category. Charles Schwab wasn't the first brokerage firm, they were the first discount brokerage firm.

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