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Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 203

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 203

Good morning! Last week I wrote exactly 16 sales letters for clients ranging from the automotive industry to Edible Arrangements, and guess what, I was in a fury-filled rage each time.

If you don’t know what a sales letter is, it’s an email, newspaper page or letter aimed at selling people stuff.

The reason I was in a rage wasn’t because of an employee. And it wasn’t because I got a traffic ticket or because my girlfriend cheated on me.

I was in a rage because when you’re emotional about appealing to your customer on how you can help them, it tends to get them emotional too, and emotion generates sales… lots of sales.

I used to think appealing to people’s good sense sold products.

It doesn’t.

99% of people fall asleep when numbers are present, and change the channel when a program doesn’t present action, drama or horror. Sometimes they require it all at once!

What people want, and crave, is drama and emotion.

I was in front of a very dull business owner who had an insurance company, and wished to grow more in specific regional areas that weren’t being dominated by Geico, Progressive and Nationwide.

Do you remember grade school? This was the kid who told the teacher that the class was ‘acting up’ when she stepped back into the room.

Anyway, despite my presentation that mirrored this guy’s painfully boring demeanor, he was not impressed, and had no interest in doing business with me…

…5 minutes later, he was my client.

So, how did that happen?

I didn’t offer him lower prices, increased value or anything else that would be perceived as valuable.

Instead, I gave him a verbal lashing that I immediately regretted, yet couldn’t resist.

It felt sort of like when you’re eating ice cream in the middle of the night, and the next spoonful, while bad for your gut, is too good to pass up!.

I told him he would be broke, divorced, miserable and unhappy if he didn’t seize the opportunity I was presenting to him.

I stood up, slammed my hand on his desk and said, “if you want to fall asleep in a burning building, that’s fine, but I’ll be damned if I’m leaving this room without saving you.”

His eyes were bigger than Yankee Candles, and yet, I couldn’t stop myself from letting him have it.

You have to understand why I did this.

I went into an utter rage because I knew how important it was for this guy to do something, anything, to save his business, and he was doing nothing!

While numbers and projections allowed this guy to wallow in his own malcontent, my emotional-filled pleas had him signing my proposal, and a check, that very same day.

This week I want you to understand one thing, and one thing alone: Your customers are drowning, and it is your job to rescue them.

Maybe you remember the story of when I worked as a lifeguard for my buddy who had a date with a beautiful woman during his shift (he later married this woman).

By the way, I had never worked as a lifeguard.

Anyway, the first time a kid almost drowned was of course on the same day my friend pleaded with me to watch this pool. Of course!

Despite me trying to pull this kids out of the water, he kicked me, scratched me, and put so many bruises on my body that my own girlfriend nearly killed me when I saw her that night!

The point is, expect people to push-back when you try to help them. Expect them to kick, scream and punch you until you either submit, or leave with a contract.

Use your emotion as a tool to write better ads, better proposals, quotes and summaries to quickly and effectively generate the type of emotion you need to gain people’s trust, and their business.

Think about the greatest ads you ever saw. They resonated with you, didn’t they?

We look to products and services to solve our problems, and those problems come with a lot of emotion.

Get people emotional with your words, and you’ll have their attention for life.

After all, your target market is drowning in your pool — don’t let your idiot competitors rescue them.


Quote of the Week:

Make an offer they can’t refuse.

-John Caples


To your success!


Matt Steffen
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