20 Amazingly Magical Marketing Tips

20 Amazingly Magical Marketing Tips

20 Amazingly Magical Marketing Tips
Today I thought I’d give you 20 amazingly magical marketing tips so you can quickly absorb the last few years of ingenious marketing blogs written by yours truly.

They’re ‘magical’ because if you put these tricks into action, customers will magically appear. That’s right.

The difference between good marketing and bad marketing is whether or not you will be smoking cigarettes in a Kentucky bar in 6 years, or standing in line at a Wendy’s somewhere in North Carolina. You decide.

20 Amazingly Magical Marketing Tips:

  1. Advertise only enough so your target market doesn’t forget you. Why waste money?
  2. If you can’t maintain a social media page, why have it? Having a poor social media site is like inviting people over to your house with a dirty bathroom.
  3. If you are ambitious, foster your brand so people love it or hate it. Opposite sides of every extreme do very well because they stand out. Mediocrity is a dirty sin.
  4. Minimize your customer contact forms. Do you need their life story? No, you just need a way to reach out and sell to them.
  5. If your spouse is getting in the way of your business, get a new spouse. In time you will either resent him/her or your business, and neither is good.
  6. Don’t ask your customer, “Can I help you with anything?” They will say “no thank you” 97.7% of the time. Instead, say “is this your first time here?” Whether they say yes or no, the next words that come out of your mouth should be, “great we are having a special deal right now for returning/new customers right over here.”
  7. Sell the benefit of your product, not the features. We do SEO, sales teams, advertising, events, etc. However, all we say is “we get small business owners more customers.” Cut the crap and get to the value.
  8. Take records on which customers you love doing business with. Next time you work on your marketing plan, have only these people in mind.
  9. Blog at least twice a week, for crying out loud. Write about topics that will attract your market niche online, and not necessarily about your product.
  10. Market research is easy. Find out how your target market can know you, what they should like about you and why they should trust you. Then, do that and repeat.
  11. Go to the Google Adword Tool and research what your target market is typing into search engines (keywords) with regard to your product. Optimize each page on your site for 3-4 keywords per page.
  12. Before you even think about marketing, you’d better have a brand. A brand is what makes you different from your competitors, and what makes you appealing to your target market. Don’t be another “me-too.”
  13. Don’t applaud your excellent customer service response to reoccurring customer complaints. Improve/fix your products, and stop wasting energy building better parachutes instead of constructing safer planes.
  14. Stop lowering your prices. There will always be some fool who will race you to go out of business. Focus marketing on the value of your offering and your customer will too.
  15. People shop for price with commodities. Don’t be a locksmith around the corner. Be the locksmith who replaced the locks on the Governor’s mansion. Don’t be just another accountant. Be the accountant who donates thousands of dollars to local sports leagues. Is this sinking in?
  16. A headline is 80% of your sales proposition. Without a sign on a store, people have no idea what the store is about and so they normally don’t go in. Your advertisement is no different.
  17. From American Airlines to Play-Doh, big companies cater the smell of their locations and products to trigger positive emotional responses in their customers. This creates habit-forming behavior pattern that stands to foster long-term customer loyalty. At a loss for a good scent? Use vanilla. It makes people calm, yet focused. Focused to buy, that is!
  18. The majority of people unconsciously prefer familiarity. If you have a foreign restaurant and want to target the Caucasian/Black  market? Fire your entire staff — save your chef — and hire whites and blacks. Politically incorrect? Try to open a weave and hair care shop in a white neighborhood, and I’ll give you a dollar for ever dollar you make.
  19. Did you you patent a new product, paint your store or visit the bathroom? Send out a press release. You get the idea.
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I’m on your side.

I’ll always be here with you, marketing your business, and helping you in any way I can.

To your success!


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